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Career Web is your online guide to a great career

We offer you FREE Registration and once registered on Jobsup as a member; you can browse through our numerous job postings and send your resume to those matching your profile. Your resume is immediately accessible by the employers as soon as they log on to their control panel, and your job search becomes much faster and easier. You get instant responses.

This service entitles you to FREE Registration on our site...what's more, you avail a host of other services which are available to Career Web members. As a member of Career Web you have access to your very own Control Panel which gives you innumerable options to control your personal work space online and also to search and apply for jobs.

What you get in Career Web

Job Alert
You get instant alerts on your mail inbox whenever we have any job posting that matches your job search criteria.

Search Job
You can search through our innumerable jobs posted daily and apply directly to the companies.

My Jobs Folder
This folder maintains the details of all the jobs you have applied and you can even mark a company as your Favourite Company for future reference.

Application Status
This option displays the status of the application for jobs applied by you. For example, the Short listed option will contain those jobs for which you have been short-listed by the employer. And Rejected option will contain those jobs for which your application was rejected by the company.

View CV
You can see the way your CV will look when viewed by an employer and even take a printout using the Print option.

Edit/Update CV
Edit/ Update your CV as and when required.

Cover Letter
This is a new feature in Jobsup which allows you to create a cover letter that can be forwarded along with your resume while applying for a job.

Search Agents
You can save up to 5 job searches with different parameters and Run it on a Click. This means that you don't have to waste time to select the same options every time you want to search for jobs.

Career Centre
Career Centre is a guiding tool for all aspirants who is on the lookout for a job but does not know how to make preliminary preparations for getting the right one. It contains Resume Tips which gives you information on writing the right resume and cover letter and also the guidelines for preparing for an interview.


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